Discover Your World with a Coffee Passport

I love love love this idea. The Indie Coffee Passport allows you to travel and explore the ecosystem of artsy, independent coffee shops in DC. There are 17 indie coffee shops participating, and for $20 you can try them all. Peregrine’s at Union Market is worth every penny. Contrary to what New Yorkers might say, DC has an amazing coffee scene that is the epitome of laid back, caffeinated elegance.

According to the website, ICP Washington DC is independently curated and operated by DC resident Stephanie Lunieski, who had the help of the Canadian founders of the Indie Coffee Passport brand. Other cities with ICPs include Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vermont, and Chicago. Looks like you can start one in your city, too.

What a wonderful way to discover a city!

We didn’t take this photo but liked it! Photo credit: Kevin Harber



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