Old Things, New Ways

Taking lumbar pillows to the extreme is a new trend that I just love. Combining this sleek  modern look with Bohemian fabrics make for true style. I found this beautiful one at The Citizenry. The Baya Lumbar Pillow is inspired by the Zapotec tribes of the Oaxaca region, and, they say, the pillow is handwoven with sheep’s wool and naturally dyed using native plant extracts and takes three days to complete, “all made by a fair trade cooperative of 14 Zapotec women who live and work in Oaxaca.”

The Citizenry is a really beautiful on-line store that captures this spirit in almost everything they sell. I really like their aesthetic, and their philosophy echoes that of The Foreign Office: “Our homes should be the reflections of the journeys we take.”

We may go to old places, but we go there in new ways.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.24.20 AM.png


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