Cultured Threads

One of the best little outdoor markets in DC is on Saturdays on the corner of P and 15th Streets NW. It is not really a flea market – although there are plenty of vendors selling antiques and vintage items – as much as an eclectic art market. You can also find bonsai trees, locally made honey, and African export items. I bought the pillows in this photo from my favorite seller, Salim, a kind man who I try to visit every week. He always ends our conversations by saying “Have a nice life!” This makes me smile every time.

The coordinating textiles on top I bought at the gift shop underground between the venerable Freer and Sackler Galleries, operated by the Smithsonian. I think it is one of the best gift shops in the city.

Anyone who has visited us knows that these beautiful textiles – rich with history and tradition – hold a prominent place in our home.


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